The Great Commission of Jesus in Matthew 28 challenges the faithful to make disciples of Christ. The faithful had been taught the faith by Jesus and the apostles. They needed to form the next generation so that the love of Christ would spread throughout the world. Luke wrote about the early Christians in Acts 2.42: “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and prayer.” Today we are in a very similar situation—we are challenged to be renewed while equipping new disciples. Equipping disciples means to be providing insight and skills so that others know and witness to Christ. We gather together in small groups as did the early Christians.

The small group ministry at our church has been designed to equip disciples of Jesus Christ for ministry and mission. There are four components of a disciple that are the focus of our small group ministries:

  • Prayer—helps one grow in the God-disciple relationship.
  • Bible Study—allows one to learn more about scripture.
  • Fellowship—lets people get to make new friends.
  • Service—lets people share God’s love with the community.

These four marks of a disciple constitute the culture of our small groups. Worship and giving, along with those four components listed above are what disciples of Christ are called to be and do. Being a disciple is not easy--worship and the small groups nurture the faithful with God’s grace. “Like newborn infants, long for pure, spiritual milk, so that you may grow into salvation…”(1 Peter 2.2). I hope that our Small Groups provide you with tools—a spirituality—that your discipleship is exciting and faith-filled.

You are invited to become a part of a small group. It is a place to make friends and share insights and questions that need to be addressed. I also hope you will assist your group in sharing God’s love in service to our congregation or community. This engages our congregation with our community that has lasting benefit, for you personally, the community and our congregation as we are planting a new church.

The Small Groups of Peace generally meet at a variety of times and in different locations. Some groups meet once or twice. Others meet for a few months or even year-round. This variable schedule allows our visitors, seasonal guests and our year-round residents to easily engage in the rhythm of our congregation’s ministry. There is an opportunity for everyone to become a part of a Small Group.









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